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Is Pregnancy Possible With PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are the disorder in women occurred due to some kind of hormonal imbalance in the body. This problem is severe to cause irregularities in your periods and even make chances of your pregnancy difficult. The disorder may even bring changes in your appearance and eventually lead you to certain health problems.

Women with PCOS develop a number of small cyst in their ovary. These cysts are not harmful but lead your hormones out of balance. The condition should be treated as soon as diagnosed which may help you reduce the symptoms and prevention of long time health issues.

Difference between a normal ovulation and one with PCOS:
During a normal menstrual cycle with ovulation, mature cysts (follicle) is developed. These matured follicles gets ovulated. After the 14 days of ovulation the woman is expected to get her periods if she does not get pregnant. But while suffering from PCOS, the cyst (follicles) with eggs may develop but they won't get matured. This creates an absence of ovulation. As there is no regular ovulation they might get an irregular periods.

Symptoms and chances of PCOS:
The major symptoms of PCOS that comes in out notice are;
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Excess growth of body and facial hairs
  • Body and facial hair growth getting worsen in appearance over the years

The excess growth of facial and body hairs are due to the excess amount of male hormones that increases the level of testosterone in blood. This condition of excess growth of body and facial hair is termed as Hirsutism.

Studies prove that PCOS is a common disorder suffered by about 8-10% of women during their reproductive age.

Can one conceive with PCOS?
The fertility rates in women suffering from PCOS are minimum as the follicles do not get matured. Rarely some women with PCOS will ovulate and release eggs occasionally, but others do not and they need to undergo certain treatments to overcome the situation.
The happy knowledge is that the rate of women attaining pregnancy with PCOS with the help of infertility treatments is at quite good measures. Majority of women with PCOS gives a good result of pregnancy with the fertility treatments. Usually, induction of ovulation is the treatment given to those who do not get pregnant because of PCOS.

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy New Delhi

What is a laparoscopic hysterectomy?

Laparoscopic hysterectomy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove the uterus with no harm. A tiny camera is inserted through the belly button by making a small incision. The image is watched by the surgeon through the camera, thus performing the operative procedure. Two-Three tiny incisions are made in the lower abdomen. The removal process takes place by inserting special instruments.

Who is a good candidate for a laparoscopic hysterectomy?

A good candidate for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is a person with a history of normal pap smears.  It is better to meet a gynecologist and discuss the pros and cons if you have severe cramping even if  it bleeds or not. In our opinion,  it is typically beneficial to remove your cervix if you have this condition.

Procedure of Laparotomy hysterectomy

In the case of the laparotomy, a surgeon carries out lower-middle or cross-section of the abdominal wall 10-20 cm. The uterus is removed from the abdominal cavity through the wound. It includes ligaments  holding the uterus, blood vessels of the uterus and appendages, if you plan to remove them.

In the case of a subtotal hysterectomy (supravaginal hysterectomy), the body of the uterus is cut off  by the surgeon from the cervix, with the subsequent formation of the stump. During the hysterectomy, the last to be cut off from the formations, with the formation of vaginal stump. The disadvantages are the high laparotomic hysterectomy trauma surgery, thereby increasing the recovery period and  length of stay.

Hysterectomy performed by laparotomy access, are heavy to tolerate. For patients in the  postoperative period there is greater intensity of pain. It requires the use of analgesics compared to  women who  performed surgery, vaginal or laparoscopic access. 

Preparing for the Laparotomy hysterectomy.

As a part of preparing for the operation, it is necessary to meet a doctor from the Department of  Gynecology. The patient is to be examined to avoid complications. On the appointed day the patient can conducted preoperative preparation, the day surgery is performed. No special training at home before surgery is not required.

After  Laparotomy hysterectomy.

In the postoperative period laparotomic hysterectomy sutures are removed on day 8. Binding is  recommended after the surgery for 3 months.

During the first day of the postoperative period, vaginal hysterectomy (vaginal), and laparoscopic  operations the patient is allowed to drink only liquid. The patient is also allowed to turn and sit up in bed. The next day, the patient is allowed to stand up, walk and eat. Extract is carried out after 3-6 postoperative days. 

During the first two weeks after surgery the patient is recommended to wash shower and then treating wounds. There is a need to limit physical activity in these patients for the first 2-3 weeks during the postoperative period. Gradually the patient can return to normal activity. A month later, visual inspection is performed with the results of histology and subsequent recommendations.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Infertility is a problem faced by both men and women in the society. Infertility is the situation or condition for women that they are not able to be pregnant.Infertility is not only the women's issue but also mens.Fertility treatments gives full advantage for women and allows to reproduce and carry their baby. Fertility problems occurs sometimes for women at early ages.But these are always taking care at the time of pregnancy and faces other fertility issues. 

Reasons For Infertility

There are so many reasons for infertility problems such as both for males and females. In order to solve the issues first of all we have to look for the problems and shares with an infertility specialist.The Infertility expert explains in detail by knowing your condition for which one have the problems in couples.Infertility not deals with the problem for women, it occurs by the male fertility problems because of their hormonal factors and other unhealthy habits. 

Infertility Conditions

.Male Infertility problems
.Female Infertility problems
.Psychological Changes

Fertile Solutions IVF Research Center in Delhi provides the best solution for infertility problems. They provides advanced technology for treating fertility issues. The most important treatments are

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
In Vitro Maturation (IVM)
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

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ICSI is the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is very useful for couples with very low sperm count. The ICSI is the safe procedure and in men who may have a genetic defect, there will be a small risk of transmission to the male offspring.

It is possible to perform ICSI with poor or frozen eggs.Pregnancy rates are same for the IVF & ICSI. ICSI can be only be done in mature eggs.The Donors are always chosen according to the age, fertility and physical characteristics almost all donors are less than 26 years and must have completed their families.

If the IVF fails in first time, it can be done many times as you wish.The first cycle gives the indication of whether it us worthwhile trying again.IVF is not the last option, but has the highest success rates and is more expensive.Many women have conceived naturally or with intrauterine insemination,even after the IVF.However, for those with blocked tubes and very poor sperm counts,it is the only opinion.

IVF is not as expensive as it is perceived to be in general.The cost of the IVF cycle, is decided by the dose of the drugs that would be needed for the ovarian stimulation.

The Embryos can be transferred either the second third day of egg collection or on the 5th day, which is known as blastocyst transfer.It is a misconception that blastocyst transfer is always better than day 2 or 3 embryo transfer.

Fertile Solutions & IVF Centre offers Best Infertility Treatments with better care and patient satisfaction.

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Laparoscopic Surgery For Infertility in India

Infertility in Women can be diagnosed with various diagnostic tools.The Laparoscopic surgical procedure is done after the evaluation.

The Laparoscopy surgery or Keyhole surgery may enables the evaluation of the internal organs.The Hysteroscopy may helps to see the interior of the uterus and cervix.Patients having endometriosis may get benefit from laparoscopy.

Any tumors or cysts in the uterus or in ovary can be detected and removed with the help of laparoscope.

PCOD may lead to the abnormal ovulation or even total absence of the ovulation.In such patients , they get benefit from surgery to some extents.The endometriotic adhesions and cyst can be removed with the help of laparoscopy.

Hysteroscopy is the surgical procedure used to remove the tumor,polyp in the uterus using the hysteroscope.Hysteroscope is a thin and flexible, lighted tube mainly used to identify and diagnose the abnormalities causing miscarriages and infertility.

Myomectomy is the surgical procedure used to remove the fibroids in the uterus.The procedure will removes the fibroids, and makes the uterus intact.

Fertile Solutions IVF & Research Center Offers best Infertility treatments and tests with better care and affordable price.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Fertility Treatment in Delhi

Have you been trying to get pregnant for some time now to no avail? Fertility issues affect many women and men and it is important to know that you are not alone. There could be many factors at play preventing you from getting pregnant. It is important to note that doctors highly recommend a three to four month preparation period while trying to conceive.
Infertility affects both women and men and is caused by various factors and it is important for both men and women to undergo infertility treatments to address this issue that is extremely complicated.
Various issues may affect a woman having difficulty trying to conceive. Some diseases that affect fertility in women include endometriosis, ovulation disorder, low levels of progesterone, etc. The issues that plague men leading to infertility include sexually transmitted diseases, low sperm count, sperm blockage, chronic diseases, etc.
In order to determine whether you are fertile or infertile when you are having trouble conceiving, it is important to visit a doctor to determine whether there are any physiological issues preventing pregnancy.
Traditional medicine usually recommends certain drugs and other infertility treatments which can cure most of the fertility problems identified above except for the chronic diseases and other age related fertility problems.
Artificial insemination may also be suggested as one of the steps for a lot of male related fertility issues and involves the placing of male sperm into the woman's reproductive tract  in order to help the woman conceive.
The most common infertility treatments are In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic (ICSI). Using these treatments, egg cells are removed from the female and fertilized with sperm outside the womb and then transferred into the uterus.
These treatments are usually the last resort when all other treatments sought prove fruitless. This process is not normal since eggs are excavated from the ovary and fertilized in a lab at fertility clinics country wide, before being placed back in the uterus. The entire process can be taxing and stressful and sometimes results in multiple births.
More and more women are looking for natural or holistic approaches for help getting pregnant. These alternative techniques are gaining popularity to help cure infertility. These approaches are also preferred since they are not as expensive as traditional medicine approaches and have little or no side effects.
When there is a malfunction of a woman's ovaries, acupuncture is one of the alternative therapies that is suggested and there have been good results shown by this method.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Understanding Infertility and its Causes ..!!

Infertility is  a common problem nowadays and the couple is said to be suffering from infertility when they are unable to conceive a child even after a regular contact of one year. Infertility is  a common problem nowadays and the couple is said to be suffering from infertility when they are unable to conceive a child even after a regular contact of one year. 

Now infertility is a complicated kind of problem which involves factors from the male partner as well as from the female partner, both of them are responsible to produce a healthy baby. So if there is any problem in any of the partners or sometimes we don't even find the problem we can't blame it on anybody which is called unexplained infertility. 

Now the contribution to forming a baby, its one third problems could be because of the male factor, one third could be because of the female factor and about twenty percentage of the infertility cases are unexplained. Its the complicated process in the sense that there has to be the production of the healthy spermatozoa which can unite with healthy ovum or the egg and this egg, which is released from the ovaries goes through open tubes and gets implanted within the uterus. Now if there is problem in any of these factors then the pregnancy doesn't happen. 

Problems in males could be because of inadequate sperm count or unhealthy sperms which are seen very common because of life style problems, then there could be a decrease in the count or decrease in the mobility of the sperms which can also cause to male factor infertility. 

While in females, there could be problem with factors which are responsible for infertility in females could be multi-port. Starting from the ovaries because the ovary is the main organ in the female body which produces the eggs. There could be a problem with the ovaries there could be problems with tubes. Tube is the organ which picking up eggs from the ovary, so if there is any problem the tubes may be unhealthy, they may be infected, they may be blocked. On any of the situation the healthy ovum, which is released from the ovaries is not picked up is not allowed to go to the uterus. There could be problem with uterine cavity, the uterine cavity could be having some kind of fibroids, some infections or some kind of sputum which will not allow the implantation of the embryo, so this could be the other important factor which could cause infertility in females.

Fertile Solutions, Best Test Tube Baby Hospital Delhi offers affordable IVF treatment in Delhi, India. Dr Ruchi Malhotra, one of the best infertility specialist in Delhi is dedicated towards fulfilling the dreams of each and every couple that is deprived of the bliss of parenthood. If you are also one of them, do not worry, as our advanced infertility treatments can help make your family complete!